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August 20th






ARIES- Forget about what other people expect of you and do something that makes you feel good. It doesn't have to be anything special - a walk in the sunshine could be all it takes to give you a new perspective on life.

TAURUS- Decisions about financial matters should be put off to another day. There is really no point wasting time worrying about how to make ends meet. Deep down you know it will all come right eventually. It usually does.

GEMINI- Go out of your way to co-operate with people today, even with people who have been less than co-operative with you in the past. What happened yesterday or the day before is of no concern. Live in the now.

CANCER- Mars remains in your birth sign only until the 28th, so you have just over a week to make use of its powers. You cannot do everything at once but you can do something at once - so start doing it now.

LEO- For too long you have been struggling against forces you cannot possibly defeat. As the Sun comes to the end of its annual cycle through your chart you will realize there is no point struggling any more. Let fate take its course.

VIRGO -By all means think ahead but don't make too many detailed plans because the Sun's change of signs on Thursday could shake things up a bit. Besides, good ideas should always be given time to simmer and mature.

LIBRA- Stop rushing around and take time to chat with people you meet. Everyone has a story to tell and one story in particular could be of extraordinary significance. If you learn something new don't be afraid to use it to your advantage.

SCORPIO- The Sun moves in your favor on Thursday but before then there is a full moon in a particularly sensitive area of your chart. That means you must either finish a task right now or give up on it altogether. It's your choice

SAGITARIUS- By all means be free with your opinions, even if not everyone is happy to hear them. You are entitled to your viewpoint and you are entitled to speak your mind - at least, unlike some people, you appear you have one.

CAPRICORN- Be nice to people today, even people you can't stand the sight of. It doesn't take much to smile and say "Hello" and, who knows, it may have a positive impact when next you meet. Stranger things have happened.

AQUARIUS- A friend or family member could say something hurtful today but you must not take it to heart. Either they are being too extreme or you are being too sensitive - either way, blame it on the approaching full moon.

PISCES- A grumpy person will get you in a corner and make you listen to their complaints today. Oh dear. Smile sweetly and pretend you see their point and feel their pain. Then make your escape as quickly as you can.