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August 21st








ARIES- The more others say nice things about you today the more suspicious you will be, and with good reason. The full moon warns you would be wise to trust no one  except for yourself, of course.

TAURUS- Try to be reasonable with people today, even when almost everyone you meet seems determined to be unreasonable with you. It's simply not worth the hassle getting upset about things everyone will have forgotten about come tomorrow.

GEMINI- Changes may be good for you but that does not mean you must change things for the sake of it. Sometimes even a Gemini has to sit back and wait for events to unfold and that's what today's full moon strongly encourages.

CANCER- Make an effort to put your feelings into words over the next 24 hours because someone close needs to know you still care for them. With luck they will respond by reassuring you of their love and devotion too

LEO- You may not enjoy what you have to do today but it will be easier to handle if you approach it in the right frame of mind. Enthusiasm is everything: with it you can make even the worst of tasks seem interesting.

VIRGO- Why do you feel so stressed? Why do you feel so anxious? Almost certainly it is the influence of today's full moon but the good news is that come tomorrow you will be fine again - in fact you'll be first-rate.

LIBRA- Try not to worry yourself about little things today. For some reason you are in one of those strange moods when minor events that go wrong annoy you more than major events that go right please you. Get over it!

SCORPIO- As there is a full moon today you could find yourself bouncing back and forth between one extreme and the other. For that reason alone you are advised not to make any major decisions. You'll only change them tomorrow.

SAGITTARIUS- You seem to believe that you have left something undone, something that may get you into trouble. Maybe you have and maybe it will but is it really worth wasting the day fretting about? Forget about it and have fun.

CAPRICORN- Although you are generally good with money you will be tempted to do something outrageously risky today, thanks to the influence of the full moon. Leave your credit cards at home and carry only a small amount of cash.

AQUARIUS- The full moon in your sign warns you will be more emotional than usual over the next 24 hours. If you find yourself screaming at people you usually get along with don't worry about it - you can always apologize tomorrow.

PISCES- The old ways are often the best and today's cosmic influences urge you not to give up on existing methods and routines, at least not until you are certain you have found something better to replace them with.