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August 22nd







ARIES- You don't usually pay much attention to details but you will need to as from today. The Sun's change of sign warns it may be costly if you don't. Whatever you are working on get the small stuff right first.

TAURUS- A truly dynamic phase begins for you today and you must take full advantage of it. Don't be suspicious if people you hardly know praise you to the skies and offer to do you favors. The world is yours to command.

GEMINI- It may be a pain having to explain yourself every step of the way but it will be worth it in the long-term. The planets make it easy to get close to people who mean a lot to you. Don't let impatience ruin things.

CANCER- Social activities are high on your agenda now and you must make time to have fun no matter how much work you have got lined up. Don't worry too much about "serious" issues - they're really not that serious at all.

LEO -The Sun leaves your birth sign today but you must not slow down or set your sights any lower. The next few weeks will bring new financial opportunities, so stay alert and be ready to act quickly and decisively.

VIRGO -The Sun moves into your birth sign today and a new solar year gets under way, but don't think you have to start at a mad rush and try to get everything done at once. Start slow and build up momentum.

LIBRA- You have not seen as much of a friend or relative as you would have liked but your paths are destined to cross again over the next few weeks. Why not give them a call and get back together today?

SCORPIO- If you need to talk to someone in a position of authority then approach them today while you feel super confident. The planets indicate they will listen to what you have to say and act in your favor quickly.

SAGITTARIUS- As the Sun crosses the career angle of your chart today you must be more ambitious. The next few weeks will be crucial for those Sags who want to get on in the world. Success is closer now than ever before.

CAPRICORN- As the Sun moves in your favor today you won't be in the least bit fazed by the challenges that fate throws at you. On the contrary, you can't wait to get stuck into them, such is your supreme self-belief

AQUARIUS- There is nothing to fear but fear itself. With the Sun moving into one of the more sensitive areas of your chart you may need to repeat that mantra at regular intervals. Whatever else you do, try not to worry so much.

PISCES- Cosmic activity in your opposite sign of Virgo means you are likely to clash with someone over the next few days. Remember: just because you see life from different perspectives does not mean you cannot live and work together.