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Horoscopes for September 21st





ARIES- You need to deal with family issues today -- they are not going anywhere, and your emotional energy is perfect for such matters. Someone close is in need of your expert guidance

TAURUS- Let that special person know how you feel today — the words should be there for you, even if you’re petrified. You’re more in touch with your feelings than usual, so now is the time.

GEMINI- You’re feeling less willing than usual to go along with others’ ideas, even if you don’t have a better one of your own. See if you can bow out entirely, rather than bring the mood down.

CANCER- Your spirit double is watching out for you today, so much so that it might be harder than ever for you to get in trouble. Your amazing, positive energy should protect you from most problems.

LEO- You just want your people to get along — but they don’t seem to be willing to cooperate. Try to get at least one of them to see the value of peace, as all it takes is one to come to the table

VIRGO- Your socialnetworkis also something of a safety net — for you and everyone else. Today of all days makes that plain as you find that your energy is best spent helping others to make it.

LIBRA- You need to show some adaptability today — even if you don’t feel like it! Make sure that your people get a chance to see you say yes to a plan you had once said no to. It means a lot!

SCORPIO- You need to stretch your wings and get out in the world — your positive energy demands it! If you can’t afford to drop everything and fly overseas, at least plan for something big.

SAGITTARIUS- You’re feeling a bit out of sorts today — but it’s just a social thing. Sometimes you’re out of sync with your friends or family, and you just need to do your own thing until you snap back.

CAPRICORN- What happened? It seems like everyone around you started freaking out at once, as if there were a fire or a volcanic eruption. It’s nothing so terrible — just a wee bit of mass hysteria. Go about your business!

AQUARIUS- You are almost certainly over-thinking today’s big problem, so just take a step back and try to see things differently. Turn off the mental chatter and find the clue you need.

PISCES- Write down your feelings today, and don’t worry about how it looks or sounds. Your scribbled notes are one part of the poem that is your life, and you might find inspiration from what you learn today