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August 22nd







ARIES- A colleague may be a bit pushy today and your first instinct will be to push back. Don't. Almost certainly it will be counter-productive, not least because they have more power than you. Stay calm and fit in with their needs.

TAURUS- Are you doing too much? Are you working too hard? According to the planets you are and the best thing you can do today is take an hour or two off from your schedule to review what you are trying to achieve

GEMINI- This should be a wonderful time for you and if it isn't it soon will be, so don't fret. A few days from now your world will be turned on its head and you'll be standing the right way up again

Cancer- Family issues will take up a lot of your time today and the sooner you deal with them the sooner you will be free to do your own thing. Loved ones won't be as difficult to talk to as you appear to believe

Leo- You need to get out and about more. Short trips will be especially beneficial today and over the weekend. You may encounter one or two less than friendly people but you will meet many more who delight you.

Virgo- Mercury, your ruler, joins the Sun in your sign today, making this potentially one of the best long weekends of the year. Lucky you! Personally and professionally you will soon be moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

Libra- The thing you fear the most is the thing you should be doing the most. That may not be what you want to hear but there it is. Once you take that first dread or difficult step the rest will come easy to you.

Scorpio- You sometimes expect too much of yourself and then feel depressed when your efforts fall short. Is that how you feel now? If so you need to lower your expectations a bit and learn to live with who you are

Sagittarius- If you get the chance to join forces with like-minded people today you should take it. Yes, you may have to give up some of your precious freedom but in return you will get the opportunity to change the world.

Capricorn- With Mercury, planet of the mind, joining the Sun in one of the best areas of your chart you now have a clear idea what it is you want to accomplish - and the personal and professional tools to make it happen. It's all good.

AQUARIUS- The planets urge you to think the unthinkable today. However, you also need to keep in mind that thinking and doing do not always go together at the same time. The more you think now the more success you will enjoy later.

PISCES- You like to see the best in people but the planets warn that your safest course of action today is to operate on the assumption that no-one is on your side. It may not be true but you cannot afford to take chances.