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July 27th




ARIES-You've got a lot to think about -- but much of it is actually flying underneath the radar of your consciousness. Just let your inner self twist itself into knots, and things should settle down soon


 TAURUS- Your intense belief in something (or someone) is put to the test today -- but it comes out on top! You should be able to get your people to see the righteousness of your idealism


GEMINI- Your ability to give others what they need is in overdrive today -- so it's a great time to score points and make sure that your people are all feeling good about wherever they may be.


CANCER-What's going on? You're not sure what to do next, in part because you've got some pretty terrific options to choose from and in part because you don't want to offend any of your people.


 LEO- Try to check things out more thoroughly today -- otherwise, you are sure to miss out on the key features of the big mystery you face. Take it slow and see what you can do to help things make sense.


VIRGO- You have a big problem to solve -- and at least part of it is still invisible to you! The good news is that you can deduce most of the details if you put your mind to it. Get busy and grab a friend to help!


LIBRA- There's only one way to succeed today: You have to go deep! Whether that means exploring wild new options or just taking things to their logical conclusion, you need to go all the way

SCORPIO- You've got an edge today -- your amazing personal energy is focused like a laser on whatever you want to get done. Your people are sure to follow in your footsteps, so lead the charge!


SAGITTARIUS- Your subconscious mind is much more active today, so take the time to pay attention to the clues it's giving you. Your personal energy needs to work through all this deep discovery.


CAPRICORN- You need to take some time for yourself today -- you've got a few things to think over, and a little introspection never hurt anyone, even you! Close your door, put on headphones and wander off into your mind.


AQUARIUS- You need to get things rolling in terms of your career or work -- but fortunately, you've got the right kind of get-it-done energy to make it shine! You may want to connect with someone new


PISCES- You're feeling a little fuzzy-headed today, which could mean that you're headed for a breakthrough. Take extra time to let yourself wander around in uncharted territory, if possible.