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August 28th






ARIES- As Mars moves into the dynamic sign of Leo today your energy will surge, as will your confidence. Yes, all things are possible BUT that does not mean you have to try to do it all at the same time.

TAURUS- Family issues are important now and you should make a special effort to convince loved ones that you are still on their side. Why might they doubt you? Because you have been strangely uncommunicative of late.

GEMINI- Don't stop to analyze your motives: act while the passion is hot. One bold move could be all it takes today to start the ball rolling in your favor again and once its starts it will be impossible to stop.

CANCER- There are some major opportunities heading your way but are you in the right frame of mind to take advantage of them? Take an hour out of your busy schedule today to sit quietly and get your head back in the right place.

LEO- The world needs people who are willing to take a risk and with Mars moving into your sign today that person is you. Don't wait to be told to do what you feel is right - self-belief is all the permission you need.

VIRGO- Although the Sun and Mercury are boosting your confidence in a big way other influences suggest you may have to be on your guard for secret enemies over the next few days. Watch your back - you can't be too careful.

LIBRA- Others may be raving about a new fad or fashion but you have your doubts it is as good as they think it is. Don't be afraid to take an opposing view. Don't be scared to be the odd one out. Your judgment is sound.

SCORPIO- You seem even more ambitious than usual now and you will certainly not be inclined to settle for second best. You may have to fight it out with an equally ambitious rival but it will be a one-sided battle.

SAGITTARIUS- The next few days will see a big change in the way you look at a particular event. You will begin to realize that you have seen only part of the story and the parts that are missing are of huge significance.

CAPRICORN- It may seem as if you are out of touch with the feelings of those around you but that's okay. You are who you are and don't have to act in ways that don't come naturally to you. There's no need to change.

AQUARIUS- You are in the middle of a creative phase and anything of an artistic nature will go well for you over the next few days. This is an especially good time to learn a new skill. What do you dream of doing?

PISCES- Some tough decisions have to be made and you must expect some people to be less than happy with what you decide. That's too bad. If they had acted sooner it would not be down to you to put things right.