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August 29th








ARIES- Others will look to you to lead the way and to make the kind of decisions they are either unable or unwilling to make. It's a big responsibility but you're big enough to shoulder it - and you're a natural leader too.

TAURUS- You will have to get tough with someone you work with today. You know if you don't they will take it as a sign of weakness and walk all over you. Don't let it reach that stage - put on a show of strength.

GEMINI- The most important thing now is that you let the world know you cannot be taken for granted. That does not mean you can go to extremes but you must find ways to show others that you are a serious player.

CANCER- Anything that requires careful planning and sustained effort will come easy now and even if you start from a position that is way behind your rivals you will soon overtake them. You have what they don't: staying power.

LEO- Seize the initiative and take a leading role in whatever project you are working on. You don't have to barge in, elbows flying, and knock everyone else out of the way, just lead by example - and they will surely follow

VIRGO- Although the Sun and Mercury are boosting your confidence in a big way other influences suggest you may have to be on your guard for secret enemies over the next few days. Watch your back - you can't be too careful.

LIBRA- By all means take a risk today if you think the odds are worth it but if you are uncertain then leave well alone. There may be only a dollar or two at stake but if you lose it will feel like a million.

SCORPIO- You will snap at people for the slightest little thing today. With Mars moving through the most ambitious area of your chart you simply cannot be bothered with other people's petty problems. Hopefully they will get the picture.

SAGITTARIUS- You need to be on the move today, so whatever your duties or chores may be make sure you give yourself some free time. If you get an invite to a social event, take it - you could end up making influential new friends.

CAPRICORN- Don't turn down an opportunity for a promotion just because there is a lot more work involved. Since when have you been afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in? Say "yes" and show them how it's done.

AQUARIUS- Give yourself something to aim for and don't stop until you have reached your goal. It may at times seem as if the world is against you but that will encourage you to try harder. Pressure brings out the best in you.

PISCES- Friends and family members will let you know they are there for you today, and that's nice. Not that life will get especially tough over the next 24 hours but it's good to know support is there if you need it.