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September 3rd





ARIES- Don't feel unworthy if you receive something you did not expect today. The fact that it has come your way means you deserve it even if you don't know why. The universe responds to both good deeds and bad deeds.

TAURUS- Something you have to do may be boring but stick with it anyway because you will soon be doing something more interesting. What you don't need is that nagging feeling that there are jobs which still need doing

GEMINI- Given enough time most situations resolve themselves, so don't get too worked up about something that is really of only minor importance. If someone has hurt you, remember this: living well is the best revenge.

CANCER- You seem to have forgotten what it is like to make decisions for yourself but that will change over the next two or three days. You must be dynamic and you must take the initiative - your success depends on it.

LEO- You may not want to listen to someone who seems to do nothing but moan about how unfair life is but this time it seems they have something worth complaining about. Help them if you can, for the sake of your ears.

VIRGO- It is essential that you adopt a positive attitude. The approaching new moon in your sign will bring new opportunities your way but you won't be able to make the most of them if your mind is stuck in reverse.

LIBRA- It may seem as if you are moving in the opposite direction to everyone else but that does not matter - the fact that you are moving at all is what counts. Others will admire your vitality, and your independent nature.

SCORPIO- There seem to be a lot of rumors flying about at the moment. Should you take them seriously? With Neptune strong in your chart you can probably afford to ignore them altogether. Most likely they are lacking in substance.

SAGITTARIUS- Check your facts today, then check them a second and even a third time, because it will be easy to overlook small but important details. Don't be lazy or complacent - you cannot afford to take anything for granted.

CAPRICORN- You will be on the move quite a bit over the next two or three days but don't forget that your energy is limited. Do only those things, and go to only those places, that bring you closer to your long-term goals.

AQUARIUS- It may be true that someone is trying to undermine your authority but is it important enough to get annoyed about? Probably not. A few short days from now your current worries will seem like a lifetime away.

PISCES- It appears you feel guilty about something you either should have done, but did not do, or something you did do but should have avoided. Is it really such a big deal though? Focus your mind on more important issues