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Horoscopes for September 22nd




ARIES- Your personal energy doesn’t feel very powerful today, but you can still take care of quite a bit of big business. Just make sure that you’re asking the right people for help when you need it most.

TAURUS- A lunch meeting or a dinnerdate should go better than expected for you — even if you aren’t sure exactly what to expect in the first place! Your social energy needs to be grounded in food.

GEMINI- You are having a harder time communicating with your people in part because you don’t really know what you’re thinking yourself. You might need some time alone with your thoughts

CANCER- Focus on your own issues today — you need the attention more than your people do. See if someone close can cover for you while you take a long walk, go shopping or drop back into meditation

LEO- You are feeling much more measured and controlled than usual today, and you may find that your energy is just right for a difficult conversation or even a confrontation with a bully

VIRGO- You need to get yourself organized — which, of course, is your specialty! It’s one of those days when you don’t feel right unless you’re checking things off of a list or putting everything in its place

LIBRA- Though the big picture may not be to your liking, you can still have a good time appreciating life’s small pleasures. Eat a goodmeal, take a walk somewhere pretty and try to watch the sun go down

SCORPIO- Let go of your baggage. Some of it is likely to fall out of your world entirely, and the rest is both easier to carry and (hopefully) easier to deal with in the future. Your energy is just right for it!

SAGITTARIUS- You and your partner (romantic or otherwise) are feeling quite different today — it’s definitely not a good time to make big joint decisions! Try to put that stuff off at least until tomorrow

CAPRICORN- A scathing comment comes your way — but it’s not intended to be so mean-spirited. You have the choice of whether or not to take it personally, and you should certainly try to take it in stride.

AQUARIUS- You need to take action today, even if you don’t have a plan. Spontaneous activity is actually best for you now, as mental interference just leads to paralysis or something much worse

PISCES- Your emotional side is a powerful force today, and you should find that you can cope with feelings that may have been too much to bear (good or bad) just a week or two ago. Embrace life