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Horoscopes for July 30th




ARIES-If you haven't tried a new restaurant or been out with someone new in a while, you are no doubt craving novelty by now. Explore your options and then find a way to make life more vibrant

TAURUS- Your finances are driving you to distraction today, so see if you can get them in line and at least on the way toward progress by the end of the day. Your determination is strong, and it's half of what you need.

GEMINI- Your actions today determine how things are for the rest of the year -- no pressure! The good news is that your energy is ready for anything, and you should be able to push things toward the positive.

CANCER- You feel selfish -- maybe legitimately so -- but that doesn't mean that you should stop what you're doing! Just take baby steps and handle your own needs with the same grace you handle those of your people.

LEO- You have no trouble finding new and clever ways to say what needs to be said -- and you have no fear of upsetting the powers that be! Your terrific energy is just right for setting groups back on track.

VIRGO- This is not the time to be a stick in the mud -- your life should be more of an adventure! It may feel awkward, but you are sure to find that things get a lot better if you just find a way to rebel


LIBRA- You need to deal with your people in one way or another today -- and that could mean tracking down a few of them electronically or reaching across continents in some other way.


SCORPIO- An impulsive purchase may lead you in a very odd new direction -- but it's one that you need to follow up all the way. Pay attention to minor clues that may show you where your destiny lies.

SAGITTARIUS- Your happiness is not dependent on others, usually -- but today your people definitely enhance your mood! Remember to share your feelings with them so they know that whatever they're doing is working.


CAPRICORN- Nothing really seems to be going your way today, but that just means that you need to redouble your efforts. Nothing is impossible -- even things that seem to have already failed can be revived.

AQUARIUS- Your people are practically lining up to help you out today -- even if you don't think you need anything! It's a good time to dream up group tasks and ask for the help you are sure to get.

PISCES- You may get riled up over something small today -- make sure that you're taking it out on the right people! Someone needs to hear your righteous fury, but you need to limit it to them