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September 5th








ARIES- Today is a fiery day all around, so make sure that you’re making the most of this explosive energy. You should be able to show at least one person how to come out of their shell if you feel like it.

TAURUS- Today is all about attachment — so make sure that you’re paying close attention to what’s holding you down and what’s keeping you secure. You may be able to cut some ties while strengthening others

GEMINI- Your big ideas need to be put to work today — so roll up those sleeves and get on it! You shouldn’t find it hard to make progress, and you should be able to find others to help out.

CANCER- Try to get a good deal today, especially when working with bankers, mortgage brokers, investment counselors and other financial experts. They may not have your best interests at heart.

LEO- You’ve reached a new peak, so now is the time to build on your strengths. You may find that at least one person is eager to help out, and they’re not just riding your coat tails. Indulge them!

VIRGO- You can’t lay down the law as forcefully as you would like today — or at least not with anything like good consequences. Your energy just isn’t quite in sync with the day, but it will be soon enough.

LIBRA- You may be momentarily flummoxed by a small detail that appears bigger than it really is. Don’t sweat it — you can handle anything that arises, and it shouldn’t ever really turn into a thing.

SCORPIO- Keep your head down and try to make sure that you’re not causing a stir today. Things are pretty weird, but as long as you keep from drawing too much attention to yourself, all will be well

SAGITTARIUS- Just one smile can make your day today — even if it’s yours! Make a point of being pleasant and cheerful all day and you should see a huge return on your investment. Things should improve steadily!

CAPRICORN- Your life seems to be an uphill climb today, but that could just mean you’ve taken on the right level of challenge. If it gets too tiring, take a break or call in the cavalry. You can make this work!

AQUARIUS- You have discovered something new and fascinating today — so much so that you may find that things are completely turned around by the time you have readjusted to your new reality.

PISCES- Your boss — whatever that word means to you — is hard to deal with today. Try not to antagonize them, but at the same time, you need to stand up for yourself to avoid being knocked over.