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September 6th









ARIES- Try something healthy and fun today — a new kind of workout, a nutritious treat or maybe even a dance class! You need to take care of yourself, of course, but it doesn’t have to be a drag.

TAURUS- You need to deal with someone who may be just a bit too attached to you — or to an idea or an organization. Your energy is terrific so you should be able to find a good way to say the right thing.

GEMINI- Try to figure out exactly what needs to happen today before you get started — it is sure to pay off. This may not be your usual way of doing things, but the day’s energy rewards planning in a major way.

CANCER- It’s a great time to make plans of all kinds — vacation, work, family or hobby-related. Your grasp of all the details and your eye for bargains are both enhanced, so all should flow smoothly.

LEO- You have got to spend some time reviewing your finances. It may all work out better than you hope, but ignorance is not bliss in this case. Your mental energy is perfect for balancing accounts.

VIRGO- Try to help others makes sense of today’s big mystery — it might not look so complex to you, but to them, it’s as if aliens have landed and started speaking gibberish. Use your good energy to educate

LIBRA- You just can’t seem to shake this looming sense that you need to be doing more — or doing something different. Listen carefully to that inner voice and then make the changes you know need to be made.

SCORPIO- It’s the little stuff that makes life special — especially on a day like today! Embrace the minutiae of your life and you may spot the hidden bonus that is coming your way later on.

SAGITTARIUS- You are sure to butt heads with an authority figure today, so make sure that you’re pushing them only as much as they can take or they’ll turn on you with a vengeance. Your judgment is key.

CAPRICORN- You can get quite a lot done today — even if you’re not feeling all that motivated! Your great energy carries you forward throughout it all, and helps you make a big splash in the end!

AQUARIUS- You are considerably more grounded emotionally today — which is both good and bad. You may not have as many great ideas, but you are also better off dealing with that one nutty friend

PISCES- Whatever you’re worried about today, you need to just go for it quickly — otherwise, you are sure to mire yourself in doubts and worries. There’s no time for that! Act first, question later.