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September 9th







ARIES- You can get what you want today -- but you have to use your charm, rather than your boldness. If you smile sweetly, you can get quite a lot more out of people than if you snarl

TAURUS- Enlist a friend in your new quest for health. You're not the only one who wants to eat better and get more exercise, and it's easier to stick to a plan if you have a buddy.

Gemini- Your energy is focused on someone close: a romantic partner, a colleague or maybe a dear friend. You can be pretty intense sometimes, but today's energy is all positive,.

CANCER- This is not the best day to try to make serious progress at school or work — things are bumpier than ever, and you are better off pursuing interests that are zero-pressure. Is that possible?

LEO- Today is all about other people, and you should find that you’ve got some serious clout when it comes to persuading folks to see things your way (that is, the right away). It may start to feel spooky!

VIRGO- You have to deal with some little setbacks today — so make sure that you’re ready for them! The first might come really early, but if you hurdle that one, the rest should be much, much easier to deal with.

LIBRA- You are all about balance in all things, and today brings a wave of calming energy that helps you sort everything out perfectly. It’s a good time to set a good example, especially for children.

SCORPIO- This is a much better time for thought than for action. You may feel pressured to move quickly, but slow down and consider every angle before you finally decide to move forward

SAGITTARIUS- Communication is key today — things are going well, but you are sure to improve them even more with a few well-placed words. A quick email or an impromptu meeting can make a big difference!

CAPRICORN- You shouldn’t ask for special favors today — things are still pretty tricky around the office or at home, and you need to make sure that you’re not rocking the boat. You should find a middle path.

AQUARIUS- Try to reach out today — though more than likely your inclination is to withdraw. Things aren’t going your way yet, but if you get the right people on your side, then momentum carries you all the way

PISCES-You could drive yourself crazy if you think too hard about what the various people in your life owe you. Try not to worry too much about it — in fact, forgiveness is the best possible course of action now.