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September 12th







AQUARIUS-- Sometimes you take life too seriously and that seems to be your main problem at the moment. Yes, of course, things could be better but, on the other hand, are they really so bad? It depends how you look at the world.

PISCES- A loved one’s words may be jumbled and hard to understand but make the effort anyway because once you “get” the message they are trying to convey you will see how relevant it is to you. Listen and learn.

ARIES- If you’re not in the mood for work then don’t push it. Your perspective on life is changing and because of that you may find it hard to focus on one thing at a time. It’s no big deal – let it happen

TAURUS- Anything of a serious or pragmatic nature should be left until tomorrow or even the weekend because you won’t be able to give it your best shot today. Come tomorrow you may even decide it’s not worth any kind of shot.

GEMINI- A domestic problem requires a solution and the only way you are going to find that solution is by giving the situation your full attention. Don’t let sob stories, wherever they come from, steer you away from the truth.

CANCER- Let everyone know what you think and let everyone know that you are not the sort who can be easily fooled. A positive, confident attitude will work wonders today, even if you are trembling a bit on the inside.

LEO- You are worrying too much about your finances. Yes, of course, you have bills to pay like everyone else but dwelling on that fact won’t solve your cash flow issues. Get out there and make some serious money.

SCORPIO- No matter what bad things may be going on in the world you are fortunate in that you are surrounded by people who genuinely care for you. They think you’re special, and you are. Treat them special in return.

SAGITTARIUS- Don’t let other people’s negativity rub off on you. You do best when you are cheerful, so steer clear of those who seem to enjoy wallowing in despair – they’re not your sort at all. There’s still lots of laughter in the world.

CAPRICORN- A small act of kindness on your part will make a big difference to someone you interact with today. Don’t just go through the motions. Don’t just give in a cold-hearted way. Connect with them. It’s about being human.

VIRGO- It may at times seem as if the world is a hostile place but it’s not as bad as you think. Make an effort to see the good things, and good people, around you today – you’ll feel better for it on every level of your being.