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September 16th








ARIES- Don’t despair — things are good, and you can push through the latest wave of weirdness to make it out the other side. You should be able to show that one doubter what you’re really made of!

TAURUS- Enlightenment is spreading fast — so hop on and get some for yourself! You may also want to affect the way it’s being absorbed, because your own brand of wisdom is dominant right now

GEMINI- You can’t just think things through today — action is the only real way to learn things. You have a leg up on other people, though, as you find it easier than usual to try new activities.

CANCER- Sometimes your life gets a little out of balance — like today. Try not to worry too much or read too much into it all, because this is just how life gets when you swim into the deep end.

LEO- Your ego is an unwelcome guest today, so try to shut it down when it starts to make its presence known. It’s not that hard, and it should lead to a much more relaxing day for you

VIRGO- Your love life is taking off — so spend time with your sweetheart or find time for a date with someone new. Your great energy makes you even more attractive than usual, so work it!

LIBRA- Your need for respect is challenged today — most likely by someone in authority. This can be a drag, but try to remember that it’s all temporary. Your spiritual side asserts itself before too long.

SCORPIO- Someone important to you is in a really good mood today — so make the most of it! Ask for a favor, sneak in some bad news or just revel in the positive energy they seem to radiate with ease

SAGITTARIUS- Now is a great time for you to step up your efforts to plan for the future. It’s one of those days when you can tell that every penny you save is sure to be well spent at some time down the line.

Capricorn- Your energy levels are spectacular today — so much so that you may keep working or partying long after everyone else drops off. Keep at it! You should have a great time no matter what you’re doing

Aquarius- You’ve got to keep your head down today — things are not going your way, but the worst thing you could do is draw attention to yourself. Relax in the understanding that tomorrow is a much better day.

Pisces- You’ve got to reach out to someone who can be of use to you. It’s not that your situation is dire or hopeless, just that you’ve got people who can really help out and there’s no shame in asking.