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September 17th







AQUARIUS- Whatever your personal code of conduct may be you must live up to it today. If you fall short in any way your rivals will seize on that fact to make you look bad. Make sure you can reach your lofty ideals.

PISCES- What happens today won’t be wonderful exactly but neither will it be woeful, so stop fearing the worst and get back into the mainstream of life. You know the old saying: you can’t win it unless you’re in it!

ARIES- Do whatever it takes to stay calm today because if you allow yourself to get angry you will be at a disadvantage. Someone may be saying things merely to get a reaction from you. The best reaction is no reaction at all.

TAURUS- You never like being told what to do – you know so much better than everyone else – but today you must listen to what a friend tells you. If you learn from their mistake you won’t make the same one yourself

GEMINI- Think first – then act decisively. With your ruler Mercury linked to action planet Mars you have what it takes to do something remarkable, something that will be remembered and talked about for many years to come.

CANCER- You may have to tell a lie to spare a friend’s blushes today but make sure it is only a small one. The last thing you want is to get a reputation for dishonesty. Your social standing means more than their red face.

LEO- If you have a good idea today – and you will – make sure you keep it to yourself. Yes, of course, you are a generous soul by nature but if you are too generous others could get rich and famous at your expense.

VIRGO- The best way to change a habit of some sort is to replace it with a different habit – one that is more positive. If you just try to give up on something today it won’t work. You’ve got to be cunning.

LIBRA- It will be all too easy over the next 24 hours to allow yourself to be diverted by things which don’t really matter – and neglect things which do matter. Stay focused. A little bit of self-discipline will take you a long way.

SCORPIO- Someone will try to undermine your reputation today, most likely by circulating stories about you that are not true. When you find out who it is make sure they know, and everyone knows, you are not amused.

SAGITTARIUS- The latest fad or fashion may be pretty hot but is it right for you? The planets suggest you might like to give this one a miss and wait for something better to spend your time and money on.

CAPRICORN- New responsibilities have brought a great deal more work and while you are no stranger to giving one hundred per cent it might be wise to take a break today. Even a Capricorn needs some down time occasionally.