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September 18th







AQUARIUS- If you believe in what you are doing then it is as good as done.  However, if there are doubts in your mind, no matter how small, your progress will falter, so make sure your mind is clear before you continue.

PISCES- You may have to postpone something you were looking forward to today but don’t get angry about it. A few days from now you will come back to it refreshed and determined to succeed – and you will, in spectacular fashion.

ARIES- You don’t have to batter your rivals into submission. In fact the planets warn if you come on too strong they could hold a grudge that one day comes back at you. What goes around comes around – never forget that.

TAURUS- If a friend or colleague wants you to make some kind of commitment today don’t refuse out of hand. With Venus, your ruler, linked to Saturn, it is in fact a good time to dedicate yourself to a cause.

GEMINI- It may feel as if your hopes and wishes have been thrown into reverse but that is not the case: you are still on track to realize your dream. Focus on something mundane today – you will find that it helps.

CANCER- You may have to play along with someone and make them believe that you are still on their side but tomorrow’s full moon will make clear your deception. A partnership of some kind will certainly be put to the test.

LEO- Try not to say or do anything that causes resentment. Loved ones are liable to be extremely touchy over the next 24 hours, so weigh your words carefully and, if in doubt, try saying nothing at all for a change.

VIRGO- Be a catalyst for change. Be the one who speaks up when others are too scared to make their thoughts and feelings known. Don’t worry that you might provoke a negative response – it’s better than no response.

LIBRA- It is pointless arguing with people whose way of looking at the world is so very different to your own. Accept that you will never see eye-to-eye and find friends you do find it easier to converse with.

SCORPIO- Venus linked to Saturn in your sign today should remind you that you are rich in the things that matter. Most important among them are relationships and the values you share with those you love. You’re not separate, you’re one.

SAGITTARIUS- If you withhold information from other people you had better have a good reason, because the planets warn they won’t be happy at being kept in the dark. You may have the right to silence but you don’t have to use it.

CAPRICORN- If for any reason you are upset about a partnership matter you must speak up. The longer you suffer in silence the harder it will become to tell them what is wrong. Don’t worry, they’ll understand what you’re getting at.