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Horoscopes for September 23rd






ARIES- Your inner strength is on display today — somehow, you’ve turned it around so that you can make a real impression on the world! All that positive energy needs to be put to good use, so make sure you do so.

TAURUS- Your struggle with a friend or colleague is getting out of hand — power issues may be influencing your decision-making process. Try to take the long view and do what’s right for all concerned.

GEMINI- Get to work on that one hot idea that doesn’t want to let go of your mind. Things are getting more and more interesting, so see if you can ride the wave all the way in.

CANCER- You need to keep shopping until you find a deal you can live with — there’s just no need for you to say yes to a bad buy. In fact, you may be at your best today avoiding the shopping entirely!

LEO- You can stand up to almost anyone today — your willpower is peaking, and that is really saying something! Your positive attitude helps people to see that you’re not just saying no to hear your own voice

VIRGO- Loosen up today — nobody can handle extreme rigidity, and it is sure to hold you back if you insist on doing things the same old way. The good news is that you should see a surge of energy quite soon!

LIBRA- Forget all about the details of today’s big project or presentation — you need to get in touch with how it makes you feel. That might sound silly, but you should see good results if you do

SCORPIO- You need to be extra careful today — things are getting even weirder than usual! See if you can get your friends or colleagues to watch out for your own slips, as you might have bigger fish to fry.

SAGITTARIUS- Your positive energy comes back in a big rush of fun and good times — you should be able to make the most of almost any situation! Make sure that your friends are all indulging themselves, too

CAPRICORN- You need to make a tough choice, and unfortunately you can see that the best choice for all is unfair to at least one person — maybe you! It’s hard, but you know you have to do what’s right

AQUARIUS- You need to mess around with new ways of doing things today — try an experiment to learn something new about yourself. It’s a good time to explore far beyond your usual haunts.

PISCES- You need to avoid the office drama today, if you can help it. Even if you’re not working, you can still get dragged in thanks to tireless colleagues who want to spread the pain around.