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August 2nd




ARIES- You need to deal with something that is totally new and wild -- so see if you can shake off your confusion (you know it's there) and embrace this change. Make it even wilder, if you can!

TAURUS- Your feeling that things are getting weird is exactly right -- in fact, you need to do something about it pronto! Your energy is just right for taking care of anything that needs correction


GEMINI- You are finding it easier than ever to change people's minds. Of course, that also means that your own opinions are rather flexible, so you may find that you're the one who drifts over time.

CANCER- If you need to persuade someone today, go for their head rather than their heart. You may need to take some time to figure out the best arguments, but that's okay -- you can do this!

LEO- You need to be more adaptable today -- and yes, that is possible! Your energy is actually perfect for it right now, thanks to a situation that feels like it puts you in two places at once.

VIRGO-You need to figure out at least one new trick today -- so play around! Experimentation doesn't have to be dry and dull; you may find that you end up shaking your tree in a new, fun way.


LIBRA-Your social IQ is off the charts today -- so make the most of it! Show someone you get them or see if you can find a new way to bring people together. Someone needs to know you care


SCORPIO- You may find that you and your family are fighting or stressed out more than usual, but try not to worry too much about it. Things are sure to pick up in the near future, and you need to work this stuff out


SAGITTARIUS- You need to really connect today -- and your social energy makes that simpler than ever. Try to get your people united around a common cause or a fun event, or just head out and shake some hands.


CAPRICORN- Your cash flow is an issue today, so make sure that you're dealing with economics in a straightforward way. There may be a few wild schemes out there, but you can ignore them safely.

AQUARIUS- Your brilliant mental energy is perfect for the occasion -- whatever that may be. See if you can get your people to just accept your plans without question, as they may take too much explaining.


PISCES- You are not really living in the present today -- but that's okay! Your mind is on future possibilities, and it's a great time to imagine new opportunities and then see about making them work