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October 1st







AQUARIUS- Someone important is looking at you and what you are doing and clearly like what they see. They will like it even more if you are modest and don’t make a big noise about your success. How likely is that?

PISCES- Save your energy for the things that really matter. What are they? They are the things that give your life meaning. Success is important, of course, but don’t neglect your “spiritual” side. Aim to be a better person.

ARIES- You could end up spending a small fortune today simply because you are looking for ways to cheer yourself up. Feeling good about yourself has nothing to do with money and everything to do with attitude.

TAURUS- With Venus, your ruling planet, moving through your opposite sign of Scorpio you don’t need to force things today. The only power you need is the power of persuasion – sweet words will get you everything you need.

GEMINI- There is no such thing as something for nothing and you will need to remind yourself of that fact several times today. Having said which, there are still a lot of generous souls about – and you’re one of them.

CANCER- This is an extremely fortunate time for you and if you are smart you will milk it for all it is worth. Use your head today but listen to your heart as well – if you get the balance right you can do no wrong.

LEO - If you need to make amends for something you did or said that you now regret do it today. You don’t have to make a big show of it but you do have to be sincere. Others will know if you don’t mean it.

VIRGO- You can do no wrong and even your bitterest rivals want to see you do well. Can you believe that? You should, because it’s true. Everything will go right for you today – and you have every right to enjoy it.

LIBRA- You are in an extremely generous mood at the moment, which is nice, but it could also be dangerous if you give to those who don’t really deserve it. Make sure your largesse goes to the right people.

SCORPIO- The decisions you make over the next 24 hours will cause ripples, small ones at first which then spread out and have consequences far and wide. Make it your aim to change your world, and the wider world, for the better.

SAGITTARIUS- Sudden events will force you to change direction once, twice, maybe several times over the next few days. Being an adventurous Sag you enjoy change, so you won’t be fazed - in fact you may well be delighted.

CAPRICORN- You may not approve of what a friend or colleague is trying to do but it is not your business to tell them it isn’t allowed. Everyone has freedom of choice and you must respect that – while keeping your distance.