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August 6th




ARIES- Your fierce, fiery energy is making life fantastic for you and your people -- so make the most of it! You can get started on something new that is practically guaranteed to succeed.


TAURUS- Try not to spend more than you absolutely must today -- every penny counts! It may be tempting to throw money at your problems but that is one sure way to compound them. Tighten that belt!


GEMINI- You know more people than average -- and the people your people know are even more numerous, of course! Now is the time to branch out and see if some of them can become your newest besties.


CANCER-Try not to get too overwrought today -- no matter what happens! Things are going to get pretty hairy, but you can keep a calm demeanor and lead by example. Just keep breathing and go on!


 LEO- Learning is a blast today -- your great mental energy draws new information your way and makes it into something fun. You may find that it's easier to teach others skills that you know


VIRGO- You have found meaning in some new aspect of your work or personal life, and it's driving you toward even greater success. Use today's wild energy to take a risk and go for even more!


LIBRA- Your love life is important to you, of course, but it's not everything. You need to focus on other relationships today, whether you're single and looking or long-partnered. Someone else needs you, too!


SCORPIO- Take it easy today -- especially if you're worried about your health. That old injury or allergy may flare up today, and you are much better off lying low or even staying home than pushing it too hard.


SAGITTARIUS- Children play a role in your day. This may be commonplace for you or incredibly unusual, but you need to embrace their youthful energy and run with it as far as you can. Have fun!


CAPRICORN- You are feeling an urge to bring closure to some project -- or relationship. Now is the best time to go for it, as endings are easier and more final than usual, and you can get on to something new sooner.

AQUARIUS- Your big, wild, seemingly insane ideas are out in the open now -- and getting a surprisingly positive reception! Don't be shy; you need to take credit for these beauties before someone else does

PISCES- You feel somewhat hazy about a new person or project, but there's just no way to get clarity yet. You need to accept the confusion and just act in the best way you can. Things clear up soon!