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October 4th








AQUARIUS- A new moon in your fellow Air sign of Libra means you can easily escape tasks you don’t want to do and people you don’t want to get involved with. You have that special knack of being able to slip away unnoticed.

PISCES- Keep your eyes and ears open and, above all, keep an open mind because an offer that comes your way out of the blue is not to be missed. Is it a gamble? Is it a risk? Yes, of course, but what in life isn’t?

ARIES- Your heart will point you in the right direction today and if you are smart you won’t ask questions, you will just go where it tells you to go. Relationships are under excellent stars, so tell someone you love them.

TAURUS- You probably won’t get a lot of free time today and over the weekend, so make sure others know you are going to be busy. What you will get is the chance to impress important people with your can-do attitude.

GEMINI- Nothing and no one can stand between you and your goal, but don’t get carried away. More important than success is that you reach it appropriately, playing by the rules and helping others along the way. You can do that.

CANCER- Petty squabbles could easily get out of hand over the next two or three days, so make it a point of honor to control your temper. Others may stoop to devious methods but that does not mean you have to copy them.

LEO- Travel and socialize as much as possible today and over the weekend, because the new moon will introduce you to people and places that bring a smile to your face. Life is good and about to get even better.

VIRGO- A new moon in the financial area of your chart means you will get what you deserve, nothing more and nothing less. It’s not all about money, of course, but it’s a pretty good way of measuring how successful you’ve been.

LIBRA- You will be feeling on top of the world today, and with every good reason. The approaching new moon in your sign means that happy days are here again. How long they will stay is largely up to you.

SCORPIO- It would be foolish to try to bluff your way out of trouble when there really isn’t that much at stake. If you have made a mistake then admit it – and maybe follow up with an aggressively Scorpio “so what?”.

SAGITTARIUS- You will find it difficult to play by the rules today, especially if other people egg you on to do something outrageous. Just be careful you don’t push your luck too far or you might go over the edge.

CAPRICORN- Important people expect you to deliver and you must not let them down. You may have to burn the candle at both ends in order to meet your obligations on time but you’ll be glad you did, so get on with it