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October 7th






AQUARIUS- Your luck will change for the better today. Why? Because the good things you did for so many people in the past will now start to come back to you. Love is an investment that never fails to pay off.

PISCES- Someone in a position of authority thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread. What have you done to be so highly regarded? Who knows, but you can and you must take advantage of what they offer you.

ARIES- If you are bored with the same old places and faces now is the time to make changes. New people will come into your life over the next days, people whose friendship brings exciting new experiences. Enjoy!

TAURUS- An offer that comes out of the blue may look too good to be true but with Venus, your ruler, moving into the wealth area of your chart today it may pay you to take a closer look. It could be for real.

GEMINI- The cosmic balance is shifting in your favor and you should take advantage of it over the next few days. Don’t do what other people are doing, do what makes you feel most alive – and earns you most money.

CANCER- You seem to believe that those you work with are operating according to a hidden agenda and that you alone are being kept in the dark. You need to get over yourself. Can you spell “paranoia”? There’s no conspiracy.

LEO- Affairs of the heart are high on your agenda and with love planet Venus moving into the most dynamic area of your chart today you won’t hesitate to let that special someone know how you feel. Lucky them!

VIRGO- What should concern you now is the bigger picture. What is your place and role in the world? Like everyone you were born with a purpose and a plan and your task this week is to find out what it is.

LIBRA- Venus, your ruling planet, urges you to raise your sights and accomplish something truly outstanding. Whatever targets you set yourself this week will be reached quicker than you anticipated. You’re in the mood to be brilliant

SCORPIO- You will get the chance to show a loved one how much you really care for them today. If you are minded to buy them a gift make it something small but tasteful. It’s not about how much it costs.

SAGITTARIUS- A great deal of joy is forecast for you over the next few days. Much of it will come from spending time with friends, relatives and the kind of people who accept you for who and what you really are.

CAPRICORN- The more others urge caution this week the more inclined you will be to take chances – and you’ll be glad you did. It’s time to cash in on your ideas and your willingness to do things in a different way