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Horoscopes for September 26th




ARIES- Someone is causing problems today, and you need to figure out what to do about the situation. You may not be able to handle their agitation with outright threats, so try something subtler

TAURUS- It’s a great night for a date or a group night out — your social energy is still swinging, and you should be able to pick up on some new activity or hotspot that works out well for you.

GEMINI- It’s a good day to catch up on your correspondence. You may find that your energy is better spent on clearing out old business than starting anything new, but you’ve got time for that stuff later.

CANCER- It’s much easier than usual for you to speak your mind today — the words just come more naturally than usual. See if you can get your people together so you can tell them all what they need to hear

LEO- It’s time for you to look over your expenses — and your revenue, for that matter! It may be that you’re doing quite well, but if not, now is the best time for you to get everything back in order

VIRGO- You’re recognized for an achievement today. It might be a one-time event or something much bigger and longer-term, but in any case, your great energy helps you accept praise with aplomb.

LIBRA-Details are getting away from you today, and you might need to call in some reinforcements soon. Try to get your people to lend a hand as soon as you can gather them near you

SCORPIO- Trust your friends — they’re on your side, especially on a day like today. Your social bonds are stronger than ever, so you should be able to fall back on them if you need a break

SAGITTARIUS- A slow, even pace is best for you now, even if it doesn’t feel right. In fact, if you get frustrated with it all, that might be a sign that your expectations are a little out of alignment with reality

CAPRICORN- Try a little research today — you can make great progress if you just push your brain a little harder! Go deeper than the usual websites and searches. You may even want to visit a new library.

AQUARIUS- You feel a little bit better about your emotional state today — things just seem to make more sense. That’s a good feeling, and it’s one that you can use to build up something even stronger.

PISCES- Work on your biggest project today — whatever is most important to you or the folks who sign your paychecks. Your energy is even more efficientthan usual, so you can tackle plenty!