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October 14th







AQUARIUS- No one is perfect, not even an Aquarius. Yes, of course, you make fewer errors than most people but even so try not to set your standards too high. Part of the joy of being human is learning from our mistakes.

PISCES- Don’t take on too many tasks or you may regret it around the time of the lunar eclipse on Friday. You’ll kick yourself if you are too tired to make use of new opportunities, of which there will be plenty.

ARIES- Even if your affairs are in turmoil the planets indicate there is no need to worry. Today, try visualizing where you would most like to be by the end of the week. Chances are you’ll soon be on your way.

TAURUS- Focus on the things you have in common with other people rather than the things that keep you apart. You can heal almost any rift with just a little bit of thought and, of course, a large dose of tenderness.

GEMINI- Something will happen today that puts your problems into perspective. If, as is likely, a friend or loved one has serious things to deal with you should make it your business to help them. You will also be helping yourself.

CANCER- There may be a storm on the horizon but that does not mean it is coming your way – and even if it is there is no need for anxiety. A week and a bit from now it will be blue skies in every direction.

LEO- Expect the best today and you will most likely get it. Expect the worst and there will still be something to cheer you up. Make it your business to cheer others up too. Be generous with your time – and your jokes.

VIRGO- You won’t have to try hard to convince others that you know best – they will accept without question that what you tell them is true. And if it later turns out to be false? Well, next time they won’t be quite so trusting

LIBRA- You may be tempted to turn a blind eye to a loved one’s mistake but is that the best thing to do? If it means they are likely to make the same mistake again then maybe you should speak up – gently, of course.

SCORPIO- You may feel that you have let someone down – and maybe you have – but it’s not the end of the world, so don’t beat yourself up about it. You’ll find ways to make it up to them (and, yes, they still love you).

SAGITTARIUS- You may be tempted to adopt some kind of alter ego and pretend you are what you are not but that would be a mistake. Be yourself – it’s who you are meant to be and only as yourself can you find true happiness.

CAPRICORN- Try not to take anything too seriously today, or for the rest of the week for that matter. It’s quite likely that someone will try to mislead you but it’s really no big deal. Whatever happens, treat it all as a big joke.