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August 8th







ARIES- Your ambitious side is making life more interesting -- so see if you can tweak it a little and go for something even bigger and grander! Your energy is just right for making plans and working toward them.


TAURUS- You may not be in such a rush today -- but others are pushing hard for you to pick up the pace! You don't want to disappoint but you also don't want to have to go back and clean up shoddy work.


GEMINI-A group you are a member of needs a new direction, and only you can provide it. You may have to stand up and speak clearly -- even if it's someone else's turn. That discomfort can make it work, actually!


CANCER- Your quick thinking earns you some serious praise from an unexpected source today -- so roll with it and see if you can turn this into something even bigger and better! Things are on the upswing for sure.


LEO- You don't have to worry about being bored or otherwise at loose ends today -- your terrific personal energy keeps you totally engaged with those around you, and keeps them happy, too!


VIRGO- Your feisty side is drawn out in force today, and you may find yourself sparring with folks who ordinarily are on your good side. Enjoy the energy and make sure that you don't hurt any feelings.


LIBRA- You need to explore more intimate relationships -- though that doesn't have to mean romance. Just focus on people as individuals and see what happens. You should be pleased with the results!



SCORPIO- Now is the best time to start something new: a business, a romance or maybe a move to a new home. You love change and new beginnings, and today brings the opportunity to keep growing.


SAGITTARIUS- You are incredibly productive today -- so much so that you may find it easier to cloister yourself away than to work as part of a team. That said, you are having plenty of fun, no matter what you're doing.


CAPRICORN- You find yourself torn between family and work -- or the search for work. That can be tough, so just try to breathe deeply and think long-term. What decision will you be grateful for in ten years?


AQUARIUS-  You shock people today -- in a good way, of course -- with your ideas and advice that seems to come from nowhere. Your brilliance is sure to be recognized, but only if you keep up the patter!


PISCES- You can't quite believe your eyes today -- and that may be a good thing! Someone has constructed a beautiful illusion that may lull you into a false belief, but you can figure it out soon.