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October 16th










AQUARIUS- Push your luck as far as it will go today – you may be surprised how easily others give in to your demands. For best results though make sure they gain too. There’s more than enough good stuff to go around

PISCES- Go all out to impress those in positions of power and authority. The more you act as if nothing is too much for you the more inclined others will be to shower you with praise and rewards – and how bad can that be?

ARIES- Nothing is beyond your capabilities today but you must be clear in your mind what it is you desire. If not you may scatter your energies in all directions while failing to reach the one destination that really matters.

TAURUS- Someone who usually gives you a hard time will be as nice as pie today and, not unnaturally, you will be a bit suspicious. Don’t be. They really do want to improve your relationship, so meet them halfway

GEMINI- People are different and clashes of opinion are inevitable – it is how you choose to deal with them that counts. Don’t try to shout others down – discuss your differences rationally. Aim to make friends, not enemies.

CANCER- Listen to and act upon your instincts. If you proceed on the assumption that your inner voice knows best you won’t go far wrong. If you listen to the so-called “experts” you may go everywhere but where you should be.

LEO- The more others tell you that something cannot be done the more you will strive to prove them wrong. Actually you won’t have to strive too hard as everything comes easy to you now. Life is just effortless for Leo!

VIRGO- The cure for the blues is action, so throw yourself into something that requires effort and concentration today and you will soon forget your worries – and you’ll be in a more positive mood to deal with Friday’s eclipse.

LIBRA- Venus, your ruler, linked to Uranus, planet of the unexpected, will bring nice surprises today but don’t take anything for granted. If the cosmic powers that be grant you good fortune find ways to show you appreciate it.

SCORPIO- Your enemies may be tough but you are tougher and no matter how hard they try to catch you out over the next 24 hours they won’t succeed. Be gracious and forgiving in victory – that will annoy them even more!

SAGITTARIUS- Someone new will come into your life over the next 24 hours, someone who makes a big impression. Will you fall head over heels in love? Maybe, maybe not, but even if you don’t it’s a friendship made in heaven.

CAPRICORN- Today’s Venus-Uranus link will perk you up and help you see that even when things seem to be going wrong you are in fact still moving in the right direction. Don’t worry about tomorrow – it will take care of itself