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October 18th







ARIES- Your explorations are the stuff of legend, and today you need to make sure that your legend is heard far and wide. You may find that your people are more than willing to follow your lead.

TAURUS- You need to shop around today — figuratively speaking! Your finances still need to stay locked up tight, but you should consider plenty of alternatives for any choice you have to make.

GEMINI- Your people are looking to you for advice — even folks who barely know you are paying close attention. It’s a good time for you to step up and make some positive changes in people’s lives

CANCER- Your ability to soak up new experiences is strong today — so get out there and create some great memories! You may be surrounded by folks who are just as enthused about life

LEO- It’s a good time for you to tackle a topic you don’t know much about. Your mental energy and curiosity are stronger than ever, and you ought to really enjoy the process this time

VIRGO- You feel energized, though your mood or self-confidence could use a boost as well. Nevertheless, you may find that at least one person is ready to give you new responsibilities

LIBRA- Can you give up a little to get a lot? If so, today’s marketplace of favors and ideas is perfect. If not, you may want to back up a few steps and ask yourself what’s really going on.

SCORPIO- A family member needs your assistance — so seek them out and offer it up. You shouldn’t have to look very hard, as your ability to spot problems is heightened and you should be able to fix them with ease.

SAGITTARIUS- You’re having so much fun that you might not even realize how much you’re getting done. By the end of the day, though, you should understand that things go better with a smile on your face

CAPRICORN- Genealogy seems to feel more important to you today, so poke around at the roots of your family tree and see what you dig up. It could kindle a new passion, or it might reveal some crazy truths!

AQUARIUS- Your altruistic nature is making life really interesting — and not just for those you’re helping! You should be able to lend others a hand even as you make life better for yourself.

PISCES- You can’t help but feel somewhat ambiguous about the news you get early today. There’s nothing wrong with that, even if it seems that decisive action may be called for. Wishy-washy is the new black!