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October 21st






ARIES- You’re not moving as quickly as you would like but there’s more to life than simple speed. You may need to check in with your people for some assistance if you get too far behind, though.

TAURUS- Your social relations are making life sweeter — and you can overcome old difficulties or renew dormant bonds with ease. It’s a really good time for you to bring friends and family together.

GEMINI- This is not a good time for you to flit from person to person — you need to focus your energy on someone important. That could mean that you’re in a good space for relationship work.

CANCER- You’ve got a natural charm that makes people feel fully at ease, so make the most of it today. You should be able to work wonders on a date or with a client — so much so that you win big!

Leo- Your stubbornness is legendary — and on a day like today, it may cause some serious issues with friends or colleagues. Try to see their point of view, but put off any serious disputes for a few days.

Virgo- Are you traveling now? Then you’re at your best. If not, spend a little time plotting your next getaway, because you need to escape from your routines as soon as humanly possible.

Libra- Your cultural leanings are making life sweeter than ever today — so enjoy music, art, theater or whatever else comes your way. Steer a friend or family member in the same direction for added fun.

Scorpio- You should find that someone you thought would be a weak opponent turns out to be stronger than they had appeared. Roll with it and see if you can turn circumstances to your advantage.

Sagittarius-Analyze today’s big, weird problem by breaking it down into little chunks. They don’t look so scary, and you should be able to see at least one way to attack the problem more easily.

Capricorn- Your kids are the center of your life today — if you’ve got kids, that is. If not, you may be drawn to consider it, or just to help out with a friend or relative who’s got more than they can handle.

Aquarius- If you’re bored today, that’s no surprise — because there are no surprises coming your way! Try to just focus on whatever is right in front of you and make your way through the day.

Pisces- Your love life is still bubbling with great energy — so make the most of it! Spend some serious quality time with your sweetie or head out looking for someone new. Work your magic!