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August 10th




ARIES- You need to be somewhat more forceful today -- though a little tact doesn't hurt, of course! Your energy is just right for tense negotiations and other situations in which you must act on your own behalf.

TAURUS- Your affections are drawn toward all the right people and things today -- so it may be time to kindle a new romance or to pick up a new toy that you'll cherish forever. Things are looking up

GEMINI- You need to share some good advice with a friend, family member or coworker. Even if they don't seem quite ready for it, you can still find a way to sneak it in under the radar

CANCER- You need to voice your unique opinions today, even if others seem disinclined to listen. At least one key player is paying attention, even though they seem to be miles away. Keep up the chatter!

LEO- Be wary of any bureaucracy that pops up today -- even a simple visit to the post office could result in wasted hours! Your best bet is to stick to business as usual until tomorrow or the next day.


VIRGO- Your ability to think through all manner of problems is heightened today, and you should be able to use your great mental energy to break down some pressing issue that has been plaguing you for months.

LIBRA- Your allies are ready for action -- are you? Now is a good time for you to step up and make sure that you're leading the charge, instead of just kicking back and waiting for someone else to step up.

SCORPIO- Your intensity is giving someone else a workout today -- but that's not really your problem. You just need to make sure that you're not causing any permanent injury with your energy!

SAGITTARIUS- You have to look at the tiny details today -- it's not just the big picture that matters! Once you're enmeshed in the columns of figures or lists of names, you should start to see patterns emerge

CAPRICORN- Your sense of discipline is handy today, as you find yourself drifting amidst a bunch of slackers. Your terrific personal energy can help whip them into shape, or at least compensate for their shortcomings.

AQUARIUS- Boredom is a perennial problem with you, thanks in part to your brilliance and in part to the pace of the world. Today, treat it as some time off to explore big ideas or to rest that powerful CPU of yours!

PISCES- Your softer, quieter side is out today, and you need to show at least one person how sensitive you can be. That might just involve listening, or it could mean writing an epic poem for them!