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Horoscopes for September 27th






ARIES- Get started on something new today — it could be almost anything, as long as you’re working as part of a team. You may be leading or following, but together, you’re quite strong!

TAURUS- Get involved in something artistic — you need to let your creative energy out today! You may be finger painting or writing a song, but somehow, your deepest soul is sure to come to the surface.

GEMINI- You feel like rushing through your day — and why not? Start as many new projects as you can, as with your good energy, at least a few of them are sure to take off. Someone else can cleanup!

CANCER- Life isn’t working out quite as you’d like it to right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up! Just ride this phase out and things should be much more to your liking in the near future

LEO- You need to get out there and mix it up romantically — which could mean a single’s night out or a date night with your long-term partner. Whatever you do, make it special! You’re on fire tonight.

VIRGO- You can’t make up your mind today — but that’s just fine! Make sure that your energy is directed toward something positive, so that when you finally do make the call, you’re headed in the right direction.

LIBRA- Your sweet, romantic side is out today — so make the most of it! Maybe you want to say hello to your partner with a splashy gift, or maybe you want to impress that new hottie with something special

SCORPIO- Ideas are meant to be shared on a day like today, so don’t hold anything in! You may find that your hottest notions actually get stronger thanks to the group’s playful back-and-forth.

SAGITTARIUS- You’ve got the whole plan in mind today as you seek out new ways to get the edge — your brain can take care of all the details, no problem, but it’s a good time to enlist support from others

CAPRICORN- You are working hard today — even if it’s a day off for you — but that doesn’t mean that you can neglect your social life. In fact, if you try to brush anyone off, it might come back to haunt you later

AQUARIUS- You need to deal with something that only you know how to handle — in fact, you may be the only one who even recognizes it as a problem. The good part is that your energy is just right for solving it.

PISCES- You are enmeshed with others in a deep web of interconnections — but sometimes, you focus too much on how much you have to put up with. Turn it around and consider what you get in return!