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November 1, 3013


ARIES- Just pay attention today — that mystery is sure to be resolved if you can just listen to what your partner or friend or customer is saying. Somewhere buried in the words is the gem of truth.

TAURUS- Your health should be your first concern today — so make sure that you’re doing something about it! You may find that your energy levels are somewhat lower until you make one little tweak.

GEMINI- Your great energy is smoothing out any recent rough edges — you should feel much better by the end of the day! If things have been bad, now they’re better, and if they’ve been good, you’re on top of the world

CANCER- A conflict of ideas turns into something different today — so try not to read too much into it. You could find that this is the breaking point that leads to a much safer, more stable equilibrium.

LEO- You need to snap into action — before anyone else can beat you to it! Your great energy is perfect for making people really notice what’s going on, and for seizing new opportunities.

VIRGO- You and a friend or colleague need to pool resources today — and if you can pull it off, great things await! The two of you are stronger together, and can get all sorts of great things done.

LIBRA- Your ability to deal with other people is heightened — and they are taking notice! You should get lots of positive attention, and may even find that you get a new perk out of it all.

SCORPIO- You are feeling somewhat more passive today — so you may as well roll back your plans and wait for a time when you are feeling more aggressive. It’s a good time for you to think about the future.

SAGITTARIUS- Your big laugh is a joy to behold today — and you’ve got lots of reasons to deploy it! Make sure that your energy is focused on friends and colleagues and others you really trust.

Capricorn- Your sense of right and wrong is engaged today in a really big way — but you may not have the authority to enforce your beliefs. Try not to worry too much about it; just see if you can make changes in the future.

Aquarius- Your personal issues are dominant today, so make sure that you’re dealing with them in a way that makes sense to you. Your energy is strong enough that you should be able to get a lot done

Pisces- You need to deal with a debt problem — yours or someone else’s, or maybe even at work. The good news is that your head is perfect for coming up with creative solutions to financial issues.