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November 4th


ARIES- A financial or business matter demands your attention – not next week or next month or next year but right now. If you have not got it sorted by the time Mercury turns direct next weekend it could cost you dear.

TAURUS- Offer to meet others halfway today and they will jump at the chance. Be open about what it is you desire and encourage others to be honest about their desires too – and don’t act shocked when you learn what they are!

GEMINI- Don’t waste time on trivial things or petty vendettas. On the work front especially you have important tasks to complete and every minute between now and the end of the week will be vital. Get serious about your ambitions.

CANCER- If you are planning on doing something out of the ordinary then you had better be quick about it. By this time next week circumstances will have changed dramatically, so get your act together and get it done.

LEO- It should be obvious to you by now that a plan of some sort is not going to amount to much, so junk it and focus on something new. By the end of the week you will be working on something completely different.

VIRGO- Few things in life are black and white and with Mercury, your ruler, still moving retrograde no doubt the whole world looks gray. Never mind. A week from now everything will be sweetness and light again, so smile!

LIBRA- Maybe something drastic will happen in your personal life to set you on a new course, or maybe your way of looking at the world will change – either way this will be a week of major developments, maybe even transformations.

SCORPIO- Because Mercury is moving retrograde through your sign you must be careful not to let your mind play tricks on you. It won’t be until the 10th, when Mercury moves in your favor again, that you begin to see clearly.

SAGITTARIUS- Usually you are upfront about what you think and feel but for some reason you are reluctant to let others know what’s going on in your head and your heart. Maybe it’s because you’re not one hundred per cent sure yourself.

CAPRICORN- Someone is being less than honest and you must make it your business to find out exactly where and why they are trying to trick you. Once you know that you will know how to deal with the situation – and with them.

AQUARIUS- You want to reach out to someone in a position of power but you can sense that now is not the right time, and you are right. A week or so from now though the situation will have changed in your favor, so be patient.

PISCES- Try not to let slip facts and figures that rivals and competitors might be able to use against you. Pisces is such a trusting sign that you sometimes say more than you should. Think self-preservation. In fact, just think!