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August 13th







ARIES- Clarity is hard to come by today -- so make sure you're doing your part! It may be harder than usual for you to make yourself understood, so ask questions and make sure people really get it.


TAURUS- Things are not looking good right now -- but that is just because you're not looking at them closely enough! Make sure that you're paying attention to all the little details and it should all make sense.


GEMINI- You're playing flirty games with almost everyone today -- even if your sweetie is right by your side! Make sure you're not hurting their feelings, but don't let yourself be stifled, either!


CANCER- Try looking more closely at the details -- you need to make sure that your attention doesn't get caught up in big-picture issues that just can't be addressed yet. Someone close needs you to get on it


LEO- Your friends are all up in arms over some new outrage -- but it's not something you particularly care about one way or the other. Support them, but don't take sides unless you're pushed


VIRGO- Your work issues may be crowding out your social life today -- so see if you can just focus on whatever is most important to you without making things any freakier. Life is good!


LIBRA- Your good energy is making life easier for everyone -- especially your family. Things are looking up, and you just need to let the universe unfold naturally to reap the benefits of the good life!


SCORPIO- Though you may want to hustle through today's deals, you should take care to read the fine print. Your mental energy is right for catching small things that could lead to much bigger consequences.


SAGITTARIUS- Things are really up to you today -- so make sure that you're on top of your game and really paying attention to whatever is going on around you. Things are sure to heat up later in the day.


CAPRICORN- You are having a hard enough time concentrating without all these flighty people getting in the mix. Someone may actually interrupt you to ask about the weather or the time, but try to be patient with them.


AQUARIUS- You've got a unique way of seeing problems, and while it may sometimes exasperate your friends or colleagues, on days like today it makes life much better for everyone concerned.


PISCES- You may feel too busy to deal with today's minor issues, but you should pay as much attention to them as you do to your major problems. If you can multi-task, you are sure to do just fine