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November 18th






ARIES- From this week things can only get better. No, really! Keep telling yourself that your luck is on the turn and in a matter of days you will be seeing concrete evidence that it is. Never forget: ultimately it’s your thoughts that create your world.
TAURUS- The lesson you need to learn this week is that not even a Taurus can do it all on their own. Whatever it is you are planning to do you will need assistance to see it through from beginning to end, so start looking for suitable allies.
GEMINI- The more you give the more you get in return. That applies to all aspects of your existence but especially to partnerships of a personal nature. You have an emotional investment in someone, as they do in you – so make the relationship work.
CANCER- What can you do to make a loved one’s life more enjoyable? You are well aware they have made sacrifices for you, now you must consider what they need from you in return. Whatever the cost to your independence, you can afford it.
LEO- It may be frustrating that so many little things are going wrong but don’t let it get to you. Come the end of the week a new phase will begin and suddenly it will all start going right for you again – the little things and the big things.
VIRGO- You know you cannot escape from the consequences of your actions so don’t waste time trying. If there is something you have to do to make amends for past transgressions then do it now and get it out of the way. It’s no big deal.
LIBRA- In every enterprise there comes a time when you have to choose whether to carry on and give it your all or admit that it no longer inspires you and call it a day. That time is upon you, so give it some thought, then act decisively.
SCORPIO- An issue you have been avoiding has now to be faced. You have just four days to get your act together and resolve the situation – after that the matter will be taken out of your hands. Drop what you are doing and get on with it.
SAGITTARIUS- A few days from now the Sun will enter your sign and a new cycle will begin. Before then you must tie up loose ends, be they personal or professional, that might hold you back. Back from what? Shooting for the stars, of course.
CAPRICORN- Make the most of the Sun’s final few days in the friendship area of your chart to have fun with people whose outlook and interests match your own. Come the end of the week you will have other, more personal, issues to deal with.
AQUARIUS- You have a tendency to say what is on your mind, even when it might be wise to stay quiet, and someone in authority won’t be amused by your honesty today. You may not care, but watch out it does not affect your professional position.
PISCES- For some reason you have started to doubt a colleague’s loyalty but what happens over the next few days will reassure you they are still on your side. Why wouldn’t they be? You’re the one everyone wants to be friends with.