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Horoscopes for September 28th





ARIES- Blow off your own needs today — you can handle things later, and someone close needs you badly. It’s a great time to score some points with your mate or a friend as you swoop in to the rescue.

TAURUS- Try to shake things up in your life — you need a change, and you can only get where you want to go if you step out of this rut! Your social energy means that it’s easier to get some companyalong for the ride.

GEMINI- You are having way too much fun to worry about the future — and your good times today ensure more of the same to come! You may need to lift someone’s spirits, but that should come easily to you.

CANCER- Though you would almost certainly rather take a break, you need to keep forging on instead. Things are going your way, so see if you can keep pushing them in the right direction little by little.

LEO- You are even more expressive than usual right now, which could mean that you’re feeling the urge to let someone close know just how you feel. No matter what the details may be, it should go well for you.

VIRGO- You and your mate or business partner need to make an investment together soon, and you’re in the right mental space to take on this new debt or responsibility. It’s a good time to talkthings out.

LIBRA- You can’t help but engage with people today — even those whom you ordinarily don’t get along very well with. Try to make folks feel comfortable before asking them for whatever you need from them.

SCORPIO- Sometimes you have to give up in order to winbig. Today is one of those days — try a strategic retreat in order to make sure that you are in position for the final battle, which is coming soon.

SAGITTARIUS- Spend the day getting ready for that big event coming up — you know what you need to do, though you may not know exactly how to get there. Ask for help if you think you could use it.

CAPRICORN- Cultural issues and activities hold more interest than usual for you, so try to engage with people as part of a larger group. It might be political, spiritual or something more mundane, but you love

AQUARIUS- Your social styleis working out pretty well — but you need to make sure that you can get others to see things your way. One person in particular needs to see you making a real effort to engage with them

PISCES- Settle up with a friend or client — accounts have to be balanced today. See if you can get your people to accept a compromise, as that is the spirit of the day, for sure