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November 22nd



ARIES- As the Sun moves into your fellow Fire sign of Sagittarius today your confidence will come flooding back and you will wonder why you ever doubted yourself. If you like the idea of traveling then now is the time to pack a bag and just go.

TAURUS- Money matters will be uppermost in your mind over the next few days and you must do whatever it takes to make sure your cash stays where it belongs – in your own pocket. Don’t let anyone fool you into believing you can get rich quick.

GEMINI- You like to get your own way and most of the time you do but today it would be smart to let the other guy win. You will need other people’s co-operation to get what you need over the next few weeks, so give them what they need too.

CANCER- Slow down before you burn yourself out. That is the message of the planets today and if you are wise you will heed it. Not even a go-getting Cancer can keep up this kind of pace forever. You’re allowed to take the occasional break you know!

LEO- You may want to get your own back on people who have let you down but is it worth the effort? No it is not. Within a matter of hours you will have more important things to take care of, so let it go. Living well is the best revenge.

VIRGO- Loved ones will be rather touchy today, so you are strongly advised not to say or do anything that might make them even more angry. Yes, it might be fun to poke them a little but it won’t be fun if they poke you back even harder.

LIBRA- A more light-hearted phase begins for you today as the Sun changes signs. Money, work and family worries won’t disappear immediately but you won’t have so many sleepless nights – unless, that is, you’re out partying all night!

Scorpio- The Sun leaves your birth sign today but that is no reason to believe that you have missed your chance to make your mark. On the contrary, over the next few weeks you will get the chance to build on the foundations that have been laid.

SAGITTARIUS- As the Sun moves into your birth sign today you have every right and every reason to follow your heart wherever it may lead. Life is too short to worry what other people think – just do what comes naturally and enjoy every moment.

CAPRICORN-There is so much that needs changing in your life but where do you start? The most obvious place is inside your head. Get clear in your mind what it is you most desire and how you can most easily get it. Make that your aim

AQUARIUS-  You may be desperate to make a good impression on work colleagues but you are more likely to do so if you take on just one task at a time. The more things you do the more thinly your power is spread. Focus on what really matters.

PISCES- The Sun crosses the career angle of your chart today which among other things means you will get the chance to show what you can do. Make sure you know what it is you are aiming for and don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight.