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November 25th



ARIES- Even an Aries has to take orders from some people and one such individual will demand you show them the respect they think they deserve. Let them have it. You may not value them that much but do you really want to fight about it?

TAURUS- Your ideas and opinions will change radically over the next few days – which is not like you at all. It won’t worry you in the slightest but some people may be concerned you are acting out of character. It’s nice to know they care.

GEMINI- You seem strangely dissatisfied at the moment and you can’t quite put your finger on why that should be. As the Sun moves deeper into your opposite sign partners and loved ones will help you find out. You’ll perk up soon enough.

CANCER-Act first and worry about the consequences later. Better still, don’t worry about the consequences at all. Be ready and willing to take a few risks over the next seven days, especially if more cautious types say you should not!

LEO- How you start the week will determine what sort of week you are going to have. If someone tries to pile lots of work on your shoulders just say “no”. They may not be happy about it but it’s your happiness that matters.

VIRGO- Creative matters will become more important to you as the week progresses but today you should focus on getting your domestic affairs in order. What can you do to reassure loved ones that their needs are your number one concern?

LIBRA- You don’t need to make excuses if you want to be by yourself. Others may think you are being anti-social, and maybe you are, but so what? You are under no obligation to put on a show just because they have come to expect it of you.

SCORPIO- Keep travel plans to a minimum over the next 24 hours because there could be hold-ups and setbacks which get you frustrated. Besides, the Sun in the money area of your chart warns you may not be able to afford to go far.

SAGITTARIUS- You will get the opportunity to go back and set something right and if you are smart you will seize it with both hands. If you don’t it will continue to prey on your mind and hold you back – and that’s the last thing you need.

CAPRICORN- You may not want to cause offense, either at home or at work, but you really must speak your mind today, no matter what the effects may be. Let others know you have strong principles and opinions, and you change them for no one.

AQUARIUS- For one reason or another you find it hard to get along with certain people and you must not try to force yourself to work with them. There is more than enough space to get on and do your own thing in your own way and your own time.

PISCES- The more others try to tie you down the more likely it is you will strive to break free. On the work front especially you just can’t see the point of hammering away at the same old problems. Do something different this week.