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November 26th



ARIES- It may appear as if a rival has got the upper hand but you are not beaten yet. You are at your best when your back is to the wall and things look grim – it brings out the fighter in you. Show them that an Aries is never defeated.

TAURUS- Whatever you do today will go extremely well but you will also have to deal with people who can’t stand the idea of you being successful and constantly pick holes in your triumphs. How do you best do that? You ignore them.

GEMINI- Your own interests must come first. No matter how sorry you feel for someone and no matter how much you want to help them out don’t jeopardize your own position. If the roles were reversed would they sacrifice everything for you?

CANCER- According to the planets you are not much in the mood for working with other people at the moment. That’s good. Creative projects will go best if you cut yourself off from the world and focus only on what matters to you.

LEO- If you believe that a certain course of action is necessary then go for it and don’t think of what might happen if it goes wrong. Life is a gamble or it is nothing, so follow your instincts and don’t ever give up.

VIRGO- Something you have been dreaming of for months if not years is now within reach and before this day is over you will have one hand firmly on the prize. You deserve your taste of glory, so don’t let anyone sour it for you.

Libra- Someone appreciates what you have done for them and over the next 24 hours will go out of their way to show it. Lucky you. Take it as a reminder that good deeds never go unrewarded – though sometimes you have to wait a while.

SCORPIO- You like a challenge, be it mental or physical, and that’s good because someone will confront you with a puzzle that takes all your brain power to solve. Don’t look for the obvious answer – look for what everyone else has missed.

SAGITTARIUS- If you push yourself hard and force yourself to go beyond your natural limits today you will find you still have plenty in reserve. You may be easygoing by nature but there is also a tenacity about you – you refuse to be defeated.

CAPRICORN- It’s good to learn from your own mistakes but it’s better to learn from other people’s and with Mercury linked to your ruler Saturn today that should be easy enough. Watch them do something the wrong way, then do it the right way.

AQUARIUS- You are under no illusions about what needs to be done to improve your career situation but can you translate knowledge into action? The world is full of people whose great ideas never come to much. You must not be one of them.

PISCES- You can try to change another person’s opinions about something but it’s unlikely you will succeed. Even if all the facts are on your side they will refuse to see things your way. To put it simply: they’re not worth the effort.