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Horoscopes for September 29th





ARIES- Your emotional side is out in force right now, and that could mean that you’re feeling a bit shaky — or maybe a bit cocky! Whatever it is, you may be a step or two out of sync with your peers

TAURUS- Your feelings are more potent than usual today, and you may feel an urge to either tell someone you love them or show them the back of your hand. It’s a good time to live life to the fullest.

GEMINI- Your health is important, obviously, but on a day like today, you are more empowered than usual to take positive steps to address it directly. Eatbetter, lay off the smokes or do whatever you know you need to do.

CANCER- The intense emotional swirl catches you in its rush, and you may find yourself amidst a glorious upheaval. It no doubt leaves you exhausted, but you should still be able to have a good time.

LEO- Someone close has a secret agenda — one that might not please you all that much. You may want to just decide that ignorance is bliss, as it’s going to be difficult to figure out what’s really going on

VIRGO- Try not to worry too much about your people today, as long as you can keep chattingwith them in one way or another. Constant communication should be the answer to almost all problems

LIBRA- Changes are coming, like it or not. You may be better equipped to deal with it than most, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun. Try to help your people if they look like they need it. They’ll remember your assistance

SCORPIO- Your energy is more social than usual today, and you may find yourself drawing new people into your orbit. It’s a good time to make connections that could be valuable for work or romance

SAGITTARIUS- Your dreams are making life much more interesting today — in fact, you may want to write them down. One odd detail may jump out at you later today and lead you in a wild new direction

CAPRICORN- Your workplace — or maybe your family— is going through a power play today, and that could involve you. Try your best to do right by yourself without dragging anyone else down

AQUARIUS- Your emotional side is somewhat troubled today, and that could make life harder in other aspects. Just give yourself all the time you need to think things through and all will be well.

PISCES- You’re having a hard time figuring out what that one important person really wants from you, but you just need to deal with ambiguity for a few days. Try not to commit yourself to anything just yet.