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January 13th, 2014

Aries- No matter how many times you have fallen short in the past you will succeed this week. The Sun remains in the most ambitious area of your chart until the 20th, so make the most of it.

Taurus- Don’t listen to those who counsel caution. The only reason they don’t want you to do anything adventurous is because they are worried it will make them look bad.

Gemini-Your values will change in important ways over the next few days. What you need to learn is that it’s not what you own and earn that counts but what you do with what you’ve got.

Cancer-Even if you disagree with someone you can still work together, so stay on good terms and seek a compromise. You may not be able to have things all your own way, but if you give a little you’ll gain a lot.

Leo- You may know what you are after but you still need help in getting it. If you don’t ask for assistance today you may find yourself being left behind on the work front.

Virgo-The Sun is on your side and your confidence is high, so do something special over the next few days. By this time next week it won’t be so easy to stand out, so give it your all while you can.

Libra-You may feel sorry for someone whose luck appears to have deserted them but you are still advised to keep your distance and not get personally involved. Most likely the universe is trying to teach them something.

Scorpio-You seem to be more open towards strangers than usual and that’s good because someone you meet over the next few days could become not just a friend but also a business partner.

Sagittarius- Something will happen over the next 24 hours that makes you feel a lot better about your long-term prospects. It will also make you realize that wealth is as much a state of mind as anything else.

Capricorn- The Sun remains in your birth sign only until the 20th, so you have a week to make things happen. You can still make things happen after that date but there will be a lot more obstacles for you to overcome.

Aquarius- You will get the chance to help someone in need and you won’t think twice about it. However, it might be wise to make clear that you expect them to look after themselves after that.

Pisces-You will leave what you have to do to the very last minute today – and because you have to act fast and without thinking will most likely make a good job of it.