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January 16, 2014

Aries - Be honest with friends and colleagues today, even if what you have to tell them is not what they want to hear. What you think is bad news may be nothing of the kind –from their point of view it may seem good.

Taurus – Any plans you make now are under the influence of the full moon, so try not to take them too seriously.  A lot depends on whether you made them rationally or emotionally.  If it was the latter, they may have to be changed.

Gemini - Your ideas are just as good as anyone else’s , but for some reason you seem to think you are not as smart as your rivals. It may be true they have fewer self-doubts but where intelligence is concerned… you are way out in front.

Cancer - You may have a hard time controlling your emotions today but in a good way because, you have been keeping your feelings bottled up inside. Shout and scream if you have to – and even if you don’t have to!

Leo - Don’t take it personally if family and friends are hard to get through to today: it seems they have a lot on their minds at the moment. If there are issues you need to discuss, wait until tomorrow when they won’t be quite as worried about life.

Virgo -The less you reveal about your plans the better. Keep your ideas to yourself and stay tight-lipped even if your best friends ask what you are up to. That applies just as much on the work front. The less others know, the better for you.

Libra - Someone who envies your calm demeanor will turn up the heat today in the hope that you will start to sweat, but what they don’t know is that you thrive on this sort of pressure. Not even today’s full moon can crack your composure.

Scorpio - Don’t get upset if others don’t seem interested in what you have to tell them. It’s unlikely you will get much sense out of them over the next 24 hours. If you want intelligent conversation, you may have to talk to yourself.

Sagittarius - Your words will carry more weight if you keep what you have to say short and to the point. Don’t bother with explanations or clarifications, just say what you mean and leave no one in any doubt that you mean what you say. Less means more.

Capricorn -Some people may not deserve your assistance but as the moon is full in your opposite sign you should be considerate. Just don’t give up information that could help rivals get rich at your expense.

Aquarius - Today’s full moon urges you to get your head out of the clouds and focus on the facts of your current situation. You will have to tighten your belt financially over the next few weeks but it will only hurt if your attitude is wrong.

Pisces - You may find it hard to stay focused today and if that is the case you are advised to stop trying and let the cosmic winds blow you where they will. Ultimately all roads lead to where you are destined to be, so why struggle?