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January 17, 2014

Aries– Your mind will be moving fast today and over the weekend as you look for ways to make your ideas pay. But don’t make any major decisions until after the Sun changes signs on the 20th. Only then will the way forward be clear.

Taurus– Something will happen today that annoys you, but when you calm down and think about it you will realize that it makes no difference to your plans. Carry on with what you were going to do – and do it brilliantly.

Gemini- Have faith in your dreams and don’t listen to those who say you are too far out with your ideas for your own good. They may think you are mad but it all makes perfect sense to you, and ultimately that’s the only thing that matters.

Cancer- You can and should make yourself known to important people over the next 24 hours. People in positions of authority will be open to your ideas and before you know… it you could find yourself promoted. All you need is self-belief.

Leo- Today’s Mercury-Uranus link will give you have an advantage that helps you see things way ahead of everyone else. However, other aspects warn that what you see over the weekend may be misleading, so don’t get carried away.

Virgo-According to the planets you are too close to a project and need to step back a bit if you want to get a realistic view of how you are doing – and what you need to do next. Ask a trusted friend what they think as well – their view could be enlightening.

Libra- There are plenty of challenges in your life at the moment but you don’t have to make an issue of all of them.  You will progress quicker if you pick your battles carefully and ignore whatever does not take you closer to your goals.

Scorpio- Try not to make decisions for friends and loved ones because no matter how well intentioned you may be they will resent it.  Let them learn from their own mistakes but be there to help them up off the floor if they need it.

Sagittarius- Someone you meet today will open your eyes to new possibilities. But that does not mean you should drop what you are doing and head off in a new direction. Wait for the Sun to change signs on Monday before making decisions.

Capricorn-Your instincts rarely let you down but the planets warn you could easily be fooled by someone who knows how to play on your insecurities. Don’t fall for their lies and do something silly – if you do you will have only yourself to blame.

Aquarius– The best way to help yourself today… is to help other people. With mind planet Mercury linked nicely to your ruler Uranus you have a knack for knowing what those around you need – and will go out of your way to get it for them.

Pisces- Sometimes things go wrong for a reason and sometimes for no reason at all. What goes wrong today will most likely happen for no reason at all but it’s really no big deal. Come Monday you will have forgotten all about it.