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January 21, 2014

Aries– Even if you prefer to walk alone it will pay you to get more involved in group activities over the next few days. Friends and social contacts will bring you luck and make life more enjoyable, so get out there and have some fun.

Taurus– This is the perfect time to enhance your status and give your reputation a boost. You will find favor with people in positions of power but the most important thing is that you believe in yourself – then others will believe in you too.

Gemini- Don’t waste time telling the world what you are going to do – just do it. You should be aiming higher than ever before - nothing is beyond you. Nothing is impossible. If you want something enough you can make it happen.

Cancer- Someone you do business with will put you on the spot and force you to choose between your ideals and your earnings. Just remember that if you compromise your principles once you will be expected to compromise them again.

Leo- Now that the Sun is transiting your opposite sign of Aquarius you must make an effort to see things from alternative points of view. Also, don’t criticize people you care for just because they fail to live up to your high standards. Nobody ever does.

Virgo-Cosmic activity in the area of your chart that governs your work and your well-being is warning you not to DON’T push yourself too hard. Your energy levels may be a bit low at the moment, so pace yourself sensibly and cut back on your commitments.

Libra- This is not the time for doubts or second thoughts. Throw caution to the wind and let your instincts guide you. This is a great time for creative activities and affairs of the heart, so be creative about your love life and love everything you create.

Scorpio- The decisions you make over the next few days will have a lasting impact on your domestic situation, so make sure you know all the facts and make sure you are not being misled by those who have an axe to grind or an agenda to fulfill.

Sagittarius- Get out and about. Be sociable. Wherever you go and whatever you do you will have a lot of fun and even the most ordinary of encounters will be hugely enjoyable. Make the effort to talk to people – you may learn something worth knowing.

Capricorn-If you need financial assistance, now is the time to ask for it. The planets make it easy to convince those who can help that your cause is deserving. Their assistance will not come cheap, so help yourself as much as you can.

Aquarius– This is one of the most important times of the year for you and the Sun in your sign will see to it that whatever you decide to do is endowed with extra power. Aim to do good things for others and good things will come your way too.

Pisces- This may be a difficult time for you and you are certainly more sensitive than usual, but it is also a time when you can learn a great deal about yourself, which in turn makes success in the long-term more likely. Self-knowledge is the key.