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January 23, 2014

Aries– Is what you’re planning really such a good idea? Could you have overestimated your abilities? Don’t worry. The planets indicate you have what it takes and once you get moving all your doubt will disappear.

Taurus– You will fall out with someone who does not share your aims and opinions. It’s just as well. The longer you go on pretending that you can work together despite your differences the less likely it is you will get any serious work done.

Gemini- The important thing now is that you keep your eyes fixed on the bigger picture… so don’t allow yourself to be distracted by events that get in the way of your goals. You can still be sociable and have fun but you’ve got to be focused too.

Cancer- The more you say the less others will listen, so give your tongue a rest and use your eyes and ears to find out what is going on. Something you see or hear over the next 24 hours will give you something worth talking about later on.

Leo- Someone you live or work with is harboring a secret grudge and if you say the wrong thing they will find a way to use it against you. Think before you speak and make sure you know what you are talking about.

Virgo-If you take what someone tells you at face value you will miss what really matters. Before you make any kind of decision, either in your personal life or at work, make sure you know all the facts – not just what others want you to know.

Libra-The Sun in Aquarius does wonders for your confidence, so it’s unlikely you will stop to think before you speak or tone down your remarks to save other people’s blushes. It’s not your fault the truth is painful.

Scorpio– The bad news, rarely have you had so many obligations and your duties been so difficult. The good news is there are people in your life who will happily lend a hand – all you have to do is ask.

Sagittarius- The only reason someone is being so critical is because they resent your success. Perhaps you should point out to them that if they worked as hard as you they might be successful too. On the other hand, why waste your breath?

Capricorn-Don’t worry if you have not yet begun work on a scheme that means a lot to you. In fact the longer you leave it the more likely it is to be a success. Good ideas need time to develop. You’ll know when the time is right to act.

Aquarius– It does not matter that others don’t believe in what you are doing – the only thing that matters is that you believe in it. The whole world could be against you now but you will still come out on top.

Pisces- Be careful who you confide in today because if you reveal your secrets to the wrong person they won’t remain secret for long! Even with friends you can trust it might be wise not to let them in on potentially embarrassing information.