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January 24, 2014

Aries– There is no point being angry about what you have to leave behind. The planets are pointing you in a new direction and urging you to take that first brave step into the unknown. What are you waiting for? Aries is supposed to be adventurous!

Taurus– Whatever the reason you are excitable, you will be on the go from dawn to dusk today. You may need to rest and get your energy back tomorrow but for now you are a ball of energy that cannot be contained. Do something extraordinary.

Gemini- You don’t have to be especially dynamic today. In fact, if you sit back and wait for good things to come your way they surely will. Your way with words will get what you desire most in situations. Who could even think of denying you!

Cancer- Someone will come to you for advice about a personal matter and although you don’t want to get involved you know you can’t turn them down. But make sure they know it is only advice. The ultimate responsibility rests with them.

Leo- Honesty is essential if you are to resolve an issue that has been dragging on forever. But that does not only mean you need to be honest with others, it also means others need to be honest with you. Encourage them to speak up. Find out what they think.

Virgo-You tend to believe in only what you can see with your own eyes and touch with your own hands. But something will happen today that makes you wonder if there are other forces at work. Can you find a way to make them work for you?

Libra-No matter how many brilliant ideas you have buzzing round your brain they don’t mean a thing unless you do something with them. For too long you have been coming up with grand plans but not going any further. Now it’s time to act.

Scorpio– There is a reason for everything that happens in life – ultimately there is no such thing as luck. Keep that thought in mind today and it will help you keep your feet on the ground regardless of whether events are “good” or “bad”.

Sagittarius- Don’t take it personally if a friend is overly critical. They are probably more annoyed with themselves than they are with you but their ego won’t let them admit it. It’s not worth fighting about. They’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

Capricorn-You may be desperate to be doing something more exciting with your life but don’t get so desperate that you act without thinking. If you do, and make a mistake, it will most likely hit you where it hurts most – in your wallet!

Aquarius– In the eyes of the world you can do no wrong, so be more adventurous and don’t worry if you tread on other people’s toes – most likely they will apologize to you! In every way you are moving faster than just about anyone and everyone.

Pisces- You need to rediscover your passion for a project that started off well but then tailed away as other things demanded your time and attention. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy that remains forever unfulfilled. There is still time to make a success of it.