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January 27, 2014

Aries– You will find it easier to be assertive this week but that does not mean you can order people around for the fun of it. Try to work in harmony with those who share your aims and ambitions – there are plenty of them out there in the world.

Taurus– You have been worrying about something for no good reason and what happens over the next few days will convince you that you have in fact been rather lucky. That luck will continue as someone makes you an offer you won’t want to refuse.

Gemini- Listen to your instincts today because they are sharper than ever. If your inner voice tells you one thing while the so-called experts tell you another… then you can bet they have got it wrong. Trust yourself – always.

Cancer- Current cosmic activity makes you sensitive to changes in your environment, to the extent that you will sense when something is about to happen hours before it actually occurs. With that kind of advantage how can you possibly fail?  You can’t!

Leo- If you work with the planets this week you will find ways to shape your destiny. If you work against them your destiny will still change but maybe not in ways you feel comfortable with. Find which way the wind is blowing and blow with it.

Virgo-Why merely fantasize about being in an environment where family and financial worries play no part when, with a little bit of effort, you can actually make it happen? Stop thinking and start acting this week. The future is in your own hands.

Libra-You have been avoiding taking some kind of decision but the time is rapidly approaching when you must act swiftly. You know what has to be done and you know the importance of getting it right, so quit stalling and get busy.

Scorpio– Don’t do something just because it is forbidden today – it may be fun breaking the rules but it could also be costly. Risks are allowed, of course, but they must be carefully calculated. Anything else is asking for trouble.

Sagittarius- Your main task over the next few days is to find ways to fulfill your obligations, both at home and at work, while still having fun socially. For best results, steer clear of extremes and steer clear of people who bring out the worst in you.

Capricorn-Try to be less suspicious when dealing with people on a professional level. That kind of attitude is self-fulfilling. If you think everyone is a shark then that is the kind of person you are going to attract. Come to think of it, how do others see you?

Aquarius– A new moon in your sign in midweek indicates a new start in whatever area you think most needs to change. With Uranus, your ruler, on great form as well there will be events that both surprise and delight you. It’s all good.

Pisces- A quick decision is not always best, so stop worrying that you are being left behind and need to do some catching up. According to the planets you are precisely where you are supposed to be and don’t need to change a thing.