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January 30, 2014

Aries– This will be a thoroughly enjoyable day and it will be more enjoyable if you don’t waste time worrying what other people might think about what you are doing – or, more to the point, who you are doing it with!

Taurus–If you need to ask a favor of someone in a position of authority now is the time. Cosmic activity in the career area of your chart makes it easy for you to approach employers and other important people. Flatter them shamelessly.

Gemini- If other people want to take control and decide what you are going to do together you should let them. Today’s new moon means you can afford to sit back and let partners make the difficult decisions. Whatever they decide, you will benefit.

Cancer- Try to take things easy today because if you tire yourself out, physically or intellectually, it may take a while to recover. You don’t need to be as intense as you usually are. Everything will turn out for the best no matter what you do.

Leo- Whatever goals you set your sights on over the next few days you will reach them with ease. But don’t spend all your time and energy on work: this is potentially one of the best days of the year for affairs of the heart.

Virgo- Something you have been worrying about for weeks, maybe months, will resolve itself in your favor today thanks to the new moon. Your relief will be huge but there is a lesson to learn too: nothing is ever worth getting too worked up about.

Libra- You can sense that something marvelous is going to happen over the next 24 hours but you don’t know what it is. That’s part of the fun. Whatever it happens to be, make the most of it. Marvelous things rarely stay marvelous for long.

Scorpio– No matter how badly someone may have let you down you must forgive them. There is no point holding a grudge, not when there are so many wonderful things going on in the world. If you’re not smiling then you’re doing it wrong.

Sagittarius- You should be feeling a lot more relaxed about life now and today’s new moon will put you in the mood to go out and have fun with your friends. Partnerships and relationships will make you happier than you ever imagined.

Capricorn- Chances are Lady Luck will smile on you today – TODAY good things will come your way without you having to do very much to attract them. So don’t give away any personal information and don’t try too hard. Just let it happen.

Aquarius– Today’s new moon in your sign marks this out as THIS IS the perfect time to start something new and exciting, something you always wanted to do but never before had the courage to begin. Well, now you do – so get on and make it a flourish.

Pisces- Why do you have so many doubts? And why do you let them hold you back? You’ve got to be more ambitious, more adventurous. This could be the day when your life changes for the better – but only you can make it happen.