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February 3, 2014

Aries– The cosmos will give your confidence a boost this week and make all things seem possible. Don’t listen to those who say you should be patient and cautious. If you can think of something you should get on and do it. Make it happen.

Taurus–If you were planning something spectacular for the next few days it might pay you to think again, especially if there is money involved. The planets indicate there is no need to rush things – you’re making good progress already.

Gemini- You will have to deal with a challenge to your authority that could be quite serious. Don’t try to put it off, because the longer you leave it the more serious it will get. Make sure everyone knows who is the boss – and that’s you.

Cancer- It may seem as if you are at the mercy of events, that you are being swept along by forces over which you have no control, but is it true? Maybe you are taking too negative a view of your ability to influence events.

Leo- You won’t have to make much effort or spend much money to get what you desire over the next few days. Your powers of persuasion have rarely been higher and if you ask for something you will get it with no questions asked.

Virgo-If you try to get out of something you have already agreed to today you won’t be the most popular Virgo in the neighborhood. That may not worry you much now but it could have repercussions later when you are dependent on other people.

Libra–You may have to cuts corners and bend rules to get things done over the next 24 hours but it will be worth it. It will certainly save you time, much of which will be taken up trying to explain to others what you are doing and why.

 Scorpio– Take care that in your hurry to impress important people you don’t overestimate your abilities and take on too much. You may not like to say “no” to those whose support you are trying to secure but they won’t be impressed if you fail to deliver.

Sagittarius- You can turn dreams into realities this week – no, really. All you have to do is be yourself and believe in yourself. The latter is important as various people will try to convince you that you don’t stand a chance. They’re wrong.

Capricorn-The most important thing this week is that you know your own mind and don’t let others tell you what you ought to believe. No matter how loud the so-called “experts” may be you must trust what your inner voice tells you – always.

Aquarius– This is not a good time to be too adventurous financially. With Mercury about to begin one of its retrograde phases you could lose big if you get carried away. But its a good time for social activities, so long as they’re cheap.

Pisces- Make sure you are aware of what is going on around you today. Most importantly, make sure you can see how other people’s decisions might affect your own aims and ambitions. On the work front especially, take nothing for granted.